The Casino: high rollers heaven...

Will you be aggressive or conservative at the blackjack table?

The 7 betting methods of the "Dealer" and "Player" will challenge your gaming instincts!

Who will have the hot hand?


The DEALER and PLAYER are opponents in the game of Blackjack. The first to reach 21 or come closest to 21 after the other has "stood pat" is the winner of the hand. There are 7 betting methods for either the DEALER or PLAYER and they range from very conservative to very high risk. Each betting method carries a payoff that corresponds to its overall risk and odds of winning a hand.

Black Jack Box

Both the DEALER and PLAYER have a "BLACKJACK BOX" that tracks its advancement from 0 to 21. The black pawns move independently within the "BLACKJACK BOXES" as the DEALER and PLAYER receive instructions from their playing squares e.g. ADVANCE THE DEALER 3 OR 6 OR 9. The final decision on how far to advance the DEALER or PLAYER rests with the player who lands on the playing square.

Betting Boxes

Both the DEALER and PLAYER have 7 betting boxes which are displayed in a vertical betting column. Each box represents a different betting method and displays the amount of the bet and the amount of the payoff should the bet win.

How to place a bet

A bet is made when a player pays the bank the amount of the bet and then places their colored disk(s) on the betting box of that bet. Each disk represents one $200,000 bet. A person may have several types of bets at the same time e.g. a bet on "WIN"," WIN-WITH ODD" and "21" as long as they are placed on either the DEALER or PLAYER.