The Stock Market: make or break...

Will you enjoy the excitement of stock splits and mergers or the frustrations of plunging prices and bankruptcies?

Low Risk, Medium Risk, and High Risk Inc. await your investment decisions!


LOW RISK INC, MEDIUM RISK INC., and HIGH RISK INC. are three companies selling stock in the STOCK MARKET. Each company raises capital by selling 120,000 shares of stock in blocks of 10,000 shares. The names of each company accurately describes their stocks overall investment risk and expected returns. Stock splits and merger talks significantly increase the opportunity for windfall profits, while bankruptcies create financial losses, hardship and frustration.."

Stock quotes box

Each company has a "STOCK QUOTES BOX" to display one of its 22 possible prices per share e.g. $15, $20, $25. A company's stock goes up or down according to the instructions it receives from its playing squares e.g. LOW RISK ADVANCES $35. A dollar sign is used to track the current price for each company..

How to buy stock

To purchase unsold stock in a specific company, a player must land on one of that company's playing squares. The words "ADJUST AND PURCHASE?" appears in the lower section of each company's playing squares. The actual purchase price will depend on that stock's current price e.g. $300,000 for each 10,000 share block when the price is at $30 per share. Players designate ownership in a company by placing one of their colored disks on each 10,000 share block purchased. Players can own multiple blocks in any or all companies at the same time e.g. 30,000 shares of HIGH RISK, 20,000 shares of MEDIUM RISK, and 10,000 shares of LOW RISK.

How to sell stock

TThere are two methods of selling stock. The first is to sell stock whenever the green dollar sign lands on a company's price per share square that displays "LIQUIDATE". The word "LIQUIDATE" will appear above a stock's price in the "STOCK QUOTES BOX" e.g. above $90 in lOW RISK INC. This method applies to all owners in that company.

The second method is when an individual player lands on one of the board's 6 green "LIQUIDATE" squares. Unlike the first selling method that is company specific, this lets the individual player sell stock in all 3 companies at once. The amount sold in either method must be determined by the owner of that stock e.g. sell 30,000 of your 50,000 shares of LOW RISK INC. The sales price of each 10,000 share block will depend on that stock's current price in the "STOCK QUOTES BOX" e.g. $500,000 if the current price was $50 per share. A players colored disk must be removed from each 10,000 share block sold.

Stock split

After a stock split, each shareholder now has double the shares they had in that company prior to the split.