The Real Estate: strike it rich here...

Will you enjoy the excitement of huge profits from oil strikes and gold mines or the frustrations of costly repairs, low selling prices, and losses from any of the 8 natural disasters?

Lets find out if you are any good at real estate speculation!


OIL FIELDS, ISLANDS, RANCHES, GOLD MINES, SKI RESORTS, FACTORIES, and SKYSCRAPERS comprise the 7 property types for sale in REAL ESTATE. Each of the 7 property types has different purchase and resale prices that affect overall profits or losses when the property is sold. With the exception of OIL FIELDS, each property has playing squares to collect rent and charge the owner for repairs. If you own an OIL FIELD that has a "gusher", you instantly win the game!

How to buy property

There are 3 ways throughout the board to buy property. Players designate ownership by placing one of their colored disks on each property owned. When considering how much property to buy or if it's a good investment, be sure to understand how much money can be made by "WINDFALL RENT."

How to sell property

Instructions on how to sell property are displayed above that property's purchase price in REALTOR ROW e.g. SELL TO BANK $100,000 x 1 die. If you sold 3 ISLANDS and you rolled a 6, you would receive $600,000 for each ISLAND or $1,800,000. Not bad considering the fact that you only paid $200,000 each!

Windfall rent

Rent is received from each player when a property owner lands on one of the two playing squares "EACH PLAYER MUST PAY YOU $50,000 RENT FOR EACH OF YOUR CURRENTLY OWNED PROPERTIES." For example, if you own a total of 10 properties, each player must pay you $500,000!

Property insurance

Property insurance protects owners from the financial losses of FORTUNE SEEKERS 8 natural disasters. Insurance can be purchased at any time during the game but it must be purchased prior to someone landing on the DISASTER playing square if a player wants protection.